b'Developing a Crea\x00ve Network for ChangeOngoing dialogue The network of students, early stage researchers and ar\x00sts that we have convened through the Sustainability First Art and Essay Prizes process is part of par\x00cipatory engagement in ac\x00on. It is a way of collec\x00vely char\x00ng our course through complexity, uncertainty and the unknownthat builds on crowdsourced insights and challenge. Dialogues like this need to be con\x00nued. Sustainability First are looking for partners to join us in this collec\x00ve endeavour.Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Mar\x00ns and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of the Arts (Chair)The Arts have an incredible role to play in the imagina\x00on, an\x00cipa\x00on and projec\x00on of new futures. We are facing a crisis that demands systemic change. We need scenarios of living and behaving that we simply dont have yet. This is where I think the crea\x00ve sector, and ar\x00sts in par\x00cular, have a really important role in this envisioning process.14 15'