b'Doughnut economicsMade of concentric rings, much like a Doughnut(fromwhichthemodel takes its namesake), the outer ring of thismodelrepresentscertain ecological thresholds, that humanity should not cross, such as biodiversity loss. The inner ring represents basicClimate changehuman needs, which should be met forOzone layer ological ceilieveryperson.Betweentheserings,Ec ng Ocean pace foracidica\x00onexists a safe and just opera\x00ng space deple\x00on ust sfor humanity (Raworth, 2018).] eand j unda\x00 hus af Social f o on m an OVERSHOOTh e itT Water Food yAir pollu\x00onEnergy Health pollu\x00on Chemical SHORTFALLNetworks Educa\x00onHousing Income & workGenderPeace & phosphorus loadingBiodiversity loss equality jus\x00ceNitrogen & SocialPoli\x00cal equity voiceLand conversion Freshwater withdrawalsWiththeEUannouncingtheirgreenrecoverypackageattheendofMay (Carrington, 2020)29 and with other leading chari\x00es also urging the Prime Minister to do the same (Harvey, 2020),30 a precedent for a recovery that can increaseeconomicgrowth,whilereducinggreenhousegasemissionsand prevailing inequali\x00es has been set (Hepburn et al, 2020).31 Entrants Yash Dewan, Patrick Hinton and Sergiu Jiduc suggested a number of near-term measures that could set our economy on track to deliver a more sustainable future. Measures for a resilient and fair recovery included:TheuseofsustainabilitychecklistsbypolicymakerstoguideeconomicProfessor Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Mar\x00ns recovery interven\x00ons. An example might include the use of condi\x00onalTherecouldbeataxonfrequentiers,so bailouts for the avia\x00on industry (World Bank, 2020).32 everyone gets an alloca\x00on of permissible ights,The removal of fossil fuel subsidies and redirec\x00on of funds into clean energybeyond which passengers are taxed for their carbon projects and sustainable infrastructure, such as smart grids, electric-vehicleemissions.charging infrastructure and digital connec\x00vity. This is \x00mely, given the low cost of borrowing.Poverty tackling solu\x00ons which counter immediate unemployment and precarious employment concerns, while increasing the workforce needed for a sustainable transi\x00on. An example could be the provision of subsidies and taxcutsforconstruc\x00onrms,localauthori\x00esandrenewableenergy providers to reskill workers (Costa et al, 2020).3326 27'