b'Chris\x00ne McGourty, Water UKs Chief Execu\x00veRead this book! It couldnt be more \x00mely. It contains ideas from ar\x00sts and students that are both challenging and inspira\x00onal. They help us to reimagine what a more sustainable and resilient future might look like as we work towards a clean, green recovery from the pandemic.Baroness Martha Lane-Fox, Chair of the House of Lords Covid-19 Commi\x00eeYoung people who have responded to our Commi\x00ee see covid as a catalyst for change, what they are less clear about is whether it is change for the be\x00er or worse. A\x00er the silence people are ge\x00ng back in their cars and trac is ge\x00ng back to normal levels. People are ge\x00ng on with their lives. The role of government is vital in terms of how we build back, what we are building towards. Tabish Khan, Art Cri\x00c, Londonist and Regulatory Manager, Bri\x00sh GasWe dont want to go back to where we were before the corona crisis. We want to be greener and for society to rebound. Energy will play an important role in this, as will the art we use to reect societal change and the recovery.Rebecca Harper Digging up the Dirt, 24 x 35cm, acrylic on paper, 2020Rebecca explores the emo\x00onal and heightened rela\x00onships lockdown and how this \x00me has enabled a refocus on well-being and encouraged people to appreciate local green spaces like never before. Through semi-c\x00onal characters she shares the experience of nding mental space and solace in the garden; injec\x00ng colour, plan\x00ng owers, sowing seeds, pruning hedges, a\x00rac\x00ng birds and bees. Contribu\x00ng to the regrowth of the planet a li\x00le from home by enabling the garden to ourish. Nurturing for our environment can also remind us to nurture one another. 48 49'