b'Sustainable RecoveryAs we emerge from the corona crisis, governmentsand restartwe have gained the opportunity to willfocusoneconomicrecoveryandbuildingconsider what is truly important in our socie\x00es and resilience against future pandemicsand othernally no\x00ced clearly some glaring shortcomings. global threats like climate change. In the UK there isTo build resilience, we need a vision for the new anemphasisontheimportanceofagreennormal,withdierentvaluesandindicatorsof recovery and the need to Build Back Be\x00er. Thesuccess,basedonthehealthandwell-beingof corona crisis, climate emergency and calls for socialpeople and the environment. This will require bold jus\x00ce,asseenthroughtheBlackLivesMa\x00erand brave leadership from governments (na\x00onal, demonstra\x00ons, are in many ways interlinked. Eachregionalandlocal),policymakers,regulators, oftheseissuescallsonindividuals,businesses,ins\x00tu\x00ons, businesses and members of the public. ins\x00tu\x00onsandgovernmentstoques\x00ontheirThe corona crisis has shown how government can beliefs,a\x00tudesandbehaviours,andasktheact for a wider public benet, drama\x00cally limi\x00ng ques\x00on: How am I contribu\x00ng to this problemindividual freedoms and oering a nancial support and what can I do about it? This may feel daun\x00ng,package to those impacted. We are not advoca\x00ng but the corona crisis has shown us how everydayfurther use of such draconian measures, but this choices and ac\x00ons can make a big dierence. Toshows what can be achieved when there is a vital buildresilienceatthescaleandpaceneeded,impera\x00ve, a clear goal and public understanding however,individualac\x00onsneedtobeand support. Developing a new vision, par\x00cularly accompanied by structural changes in ins\x00tu\x00onswhenfacedbyconsiderableuncertaintyand and the way society is run. complexity,requiresanunderstandingofthe Through the Sustainability First Art and Essay Prizes,context in which people liveas well as crea\x00vity. entrants have highlighted that we cannot return toBy bringing together the work of ar\x00sts, students business as usual: with a focus on economic growth,and young people, the Sustainability First Art and highconsump\x00onandwaste,andanunequalEssayPrizesbegintheprocessesofcollec\x00vely society. As essayist Alicja Boryn has said that wereimagining a more sustainable future.have a once-in-a-life\x00me opportunity to rethink William Bock (First Prize) Cathryn Ross, Group Regulatory Aairs Director at BT Group and Chair of the May Daily #4 Illegal Dump, Ireland, 60 x 110Governments Regulatory Horizons CouncilIt is essen\x00al that we get our cm, photograph, 2020During lockdown in Ireland, William capturedeconomygoingagainandrenewourfocusonhowwedeploythescarce daily encounters with the environment usingresources we have to very best eect. That means improving eciency and his body and a camera. An illegal dump spokeenabling innova\x00on to create value. But it also means reec\x00ng on how that of the complex human rela\x00onship with nature. To live sustainably we need to no\x00ce,value is distributed between dierent groups in society and between today and engage with and understand who and whattomorrowwe need to come out of this crisis with a be\x00er balance.lives on the land around us. The coronavirus has demonstrated how the ac\x00ons of every person can make a dierence on a global scale.6 7'