b"ContentsDesigned by MAD Ideas www.madideas.com 4 Preface5 Introduc\x00on and Guide to this Book 9 Sustainability First's Recommenda\x00ons on How to Build from the Corona Crisis Toward a Sustainable Future 15 Key Themes Emerging from the Sustainability First Art Prize19 Key Themes Emerging from the Sustainability First Essay Prize19 1.Cultural, Behavioural and Societal Change26 2.Government Policy, Regulatory and Ins\x00tu\x00onal Change33 3.Business Leadership, Governance and Prac\x00ce41 Next Steps42 Annexes42 Annex A: Sustainability First Art Prize42 Annex B: Sustainability First Essay Prize and Survey43 Annex C: Art and Essay Compe\x00\x00ons Procedure43 Annex D: Acknowledgements45 Shortlisted and Credited Essay Entrants 45 Shortlisted Ar\x00sts47 Art Prize Judges47 Essay Prize Judges50 ReferencesCover image: Estelle Woolley (Highly Commended) Breathe, photograph self-portrait with moss, 2020Estelle presents a self-portrait made during the rst week of isola\x00on in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The facemask, an increasingly familiar sight in the everyday world, is made using moss from the garden, ac\x00ng as a lter. 2 3"