b'Next StepsThe submissions to the Sustainability First Art and Essay Prizes have provided fantas\x00c insights into how we can build from the corona crisis to a more sustainable future. It has been truly inspiring to be able to share in the visions and thoughts of the young and crea\x00ve people who entered their work into the compe\x00\x00ons. We are already feeding many of these ideas into thinking on the governments pandemic economic recovery package53 and other ac\x00vity in this area.54 And they will con\x00nue to shape our wider work on building a sustainable futureas illustrated in the following diagram.Over the coming months we will carefully consider what further work Sustainability First can do to use these insights to ensure recovery from the pandemic is smart, fair and green so that the social and economic reset as a result of the crisis puts us on a more sustainable foo\x00ng for the future. We will share this book with decision-makers and other stakeholders to ensure these ideas are heard widely. Two clear messages from this work stand out. The rst is that as the pandemic has touched every area of our lives, it has understandably led to many deep emo\x00onal reac\x00ons. Some of these may dissipate, as people get on with their lives, while others require a more fundamental rethink. Our experiences over the last few months may have been radically dierent, so the response to the pandemic needs to take into account hearts as well as minds. Leadersin government, policy, regula\x00on and business circlesneed to listen. The entries to our compe\x00\x00ons have shown the high expecta\x00ons of many ar\x00sts and young people in this area. Crea\x00ve insights from the arts, and new dialogues with those outside the usual suspects, can help guide the way here. The network of students, early stage researchers andar\x00ststhatwehavecreatedduringthisprocessisanexample. Itispartof par\x00cipatory engagement in ac\x00on. It is a way of collec\x00vely char\x00ng our course through uncertainty and the unknownthat builds on crowdsourced insights and challenge. Sustainability First hopes to con\x00nue this dialogue with many of those involved. We want to understand what sits behind many of the proposals made and images shared and to test how prac\x00cal ideas for the future may be. And we would like to facilitate discussionswithdecision-makersincompanies,investorgroups,regulatorsand government as to how these ideas might be put into ac\x00on in their areas of work.The second clear message from the compe\x00\x00ons is that the pandemic is perhaps just one in a series of shocks that we are likely to experience in society in the coming decade. To get be\x00er at addressing these, and to build a more resilient future, many of our essay entrants told us that educa\x00on is key. Educa\x00on that does not just describe things like climate change and biodiversity loss but explains how to tackle these issues, at every level of our lives. We will be exploring what we might do further in this space.Sustainability First is a small charity. We have carried out this project and funded the prizes using our own reserves. We have invested ahead of need as the economists say. If you would like to support our work going forward, or to collaborate with us in these areas, please do get in touch. 40 41'