b'An illustra\x00on of the post-disaster recovery and its three phases The ver\x00cal axis refers to a range of aspects, from the stock of assets, to the income, consump\x00on and well-beingoftheaectedpopula\x00on. Building back be\x00er means that the recoveryprocessisstronger compared to pre-disaster levels, but also faster and more inclusive. Resilient Recovery (BBB)Reconstruc\x00on and asset recoveryRestora\x00on of basic servicesHumanitarian reliefDisaster TimeBy framing Covid-19 as just one in a string of global shocks, governing ins\x00tu\x00onsEssay CommentaryRose ONeill, could focus on strategy and policy implementa\x00on that supports resilience. Naturally these solu\x00ons would be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.Principal Specialist Natural EnglandHowever,holdingleadersaccountablefordeliveringthesechangesisanother ma\x00er. Entrant Alicja Boryn suggests that we need clear legal and ins\x00tu\x00onalThe thing I liked about the essays was that there was so much backing, which holds poli\x00cians accountable for mee\x00ng the sustainability goals topoten\x00al there to rebuild and recover, both the economy and which they commit. Although the UK has now legislated for Net Zero by 2050 (2045 inpeopleshealth,inwaysthatcantackletheclimateand Scotland) and has exis\x00ng regulatory commitments under the Climate Change Actbiodiversity crisis on a scale that is needed. The upswell in ideas (2008), regulators s\x00ll have some way to go to realign their responsibili\x00es in thisand research is encouraging. There has been a shi\x00 in thinking area. More work is needed to break down policy and regulatory silos so that they taketo consider what the art of the possible is. Even before Covid-19 account of long-term ci\x00zen interests and facilitate proac\x00ve collabora\x00on betweenthere was a sense of a movement building, with the number of government departments, and regulators, and to iden\x00fy any legisla\x00ve gaps whichpeople thinking about the environment at a 30-year high. I think may undermine public health and sustainability in what is a fast-moving and dynamicthis has con\x00nued despite Covid-19, with a real demand from environment. By redesigning regula\x00on and eec\x00vely communica\x00ng these newthe public for a change in the social contract, especially with the arrangements, the ecacy and adaptability of policy implementa\x00on should beongoing Black Lives Ma\x00er protests. We need to make sure improved and the social contract between governing ins\x00tu\x00ons and ci\x00zens, fromregulators and companies are in tune, that they are listening the grass roots to the top, is strengthened.and that they are responding to this expecta\x00on for change.Laura Sandys, Chair of the Government Energy Data Task ForceSustainability should be made a health and safety issue, taken up by the HSE. This would level the playing eld and make everyone accountable for their judgements, as a baseline for policy and business decisions, rather than a nice to have criteria. 28 29'