b'Introduction and Guide to this BookT he Sustainability First Art and Essay Prizes, launched in April 2020, invited original, radical ideas and visions in response to the ques\x00on: How do we build from the current corona crisis towards a more sustainable future? We had a fantas\x00c response to these open calls, with over 1,200 entries. The judging panels included representa\x00ves from climate change and environmental policy, business, academia, arts and the media. This virtual book showcases insights from the essays, shortlisted artworks and reec\x00ons from the judges. It analyses key themes from the submissions and our survey on this topic and sets out some prac\x00cal recommenda\x00ons. Throughout the document we reference the ideas and imagery of essay entrants and ar\x00sts by highligh\x00ng their names in green.The book has been wri\x00en to be accessible to a wide-ranging audience. It is intended to act as a pla\x00orm to share the work of the entrants but also to s\x00mulate a dialogue between people from dierent disciplines and backgrounds at this major crossroads in all of our lives. We want to use this cri\x00cal juncture for change to Build Back Be\x00er and develop a more resilient and sustainable future.Guide to this BookThis virtual book begins with Sustainability Firsts recommenda\x00ons of how we can build from the corona crisis towards a more sustainable future. These proposals draw heavily on both the EssayandArtPrizesentries,responsestooursurveyandourwiderdiscussionswith academics, decision-makers in government and business and civil society leaders. The next sec\x00on summarises the themes emerging in the Art Prize entries. The book then analyses the key themes emerging in the Essay Prize entries. These are split into three groups: cultural, behavioural and societal change; government policy, regulatory and ins\x00tu\x00onal change; and business leadership, governance and prac\x00ce. The book ends by outlining Sustainability Firsts proposed next steps in this area.Annex A contains a brief descrip\x00on of the prize-winning and shortlisted art compe\x00\x00on entries. The prize-winning and shortlisted artworks and images are interspersed throughout the book. Annex B summarises the prize-winning and shortlisted essay compe\x00\x00on entries with hyperlinks to these entries. The Annex notes that the works of many other highly scoring entrants are featured and credited throughout and summarises our survey. Annex C sets out the procedure that we followed in running the compe\x00\x00on. Annex D notes our many acknowledgements, including to all of the fantas\x00c entrants and our dis\x00nguished judging panels, without whom this book would not have been possible.4 5'