b'Essay CommentaryTim ORiordan,Sustainability Firsts Conclusions and Emeritus Professor of EnvironmentalRecommenda\x00ons on Culture, Sciences, UEA Behaviour and Societal ChangeAlloftheseessayshavemeritandinmanywaysareallWe are living in a period of dynamic change. As boundaries blur connected. The idea of ci\x00zens conversa\x00ons, especially ledand people realise we are part of a complex and interconnected bytheyoung,lookingatvariousthemesforcrea\x00ngasystem, we are star\x00ng to ask fundamental ques\x00ons about sustainable society and economy on a regenerated planet iswhat we value in society. We now have a once-in-a-genera\x00on the most important requirement. This is about leadershipopportunity to rethink and build a more sustainable future. from the people who have borne the brunt of all of this andEveryone needs to play a part in the recovery process. For this must be given their full say in its a\x00ermath. to happen, we need a posi\x00ve vision for future society that In such conversa\x00ons the issues of: governance; localism;addresses inequality in the short and long term. This needs to community crea\x00ve experiments; reconnec\x00ng with nature asbe focused on delivering co-benets and approaches that make our suppor\x00ve host; new forms of dening well-being anda dierence on the ground in the places where people live. This be\x00erment; and new ways of experiencing urban; suburbanvision needs to be developed and tailored through:and rural lifecan unleash a socially suppor\x00ve, innova\x00ve Co-ordinated public engagement at the local, regional and and sustainable society.na\x00onal levelswhich gives people a voice and sense of agencyintheirownfutures.Investmentinsocial infrastructureandcapacitybuildingamonglocal communi\x00esandresourcingoflocalandregional government are key for this to happen and to ensure a fair recovery.Suppor\x00ngsustainablebehaviourchangeCovid-19 recovery packages need to be framed with social jus\x00ce and environmental goals in mind. They need to help the posi\x00ve behaviours from the pandemic to s\x00ck and to move behavioural interven\x00ons from nudge to radical to facilitate more sustainable lifestyles.Increased focus on sustainability (in its broadest sense) in educa\x00onandthena\x00onalcurriculumtoraise awarenessandmakechangeaseasyanda\x00rac\x00veas possible. Young people need to be taught how to enact change in all aspects of their livesincluding through a focus on values and well-being, sustainable consump\x00on and the power of their own nancial choices. 24 25'