b'The Corona Crisis The coronavirus has impacted people across the globe, upturning everyday life in unforeseen ways. The loss of life has been devasta\x00ng. A t the \x00me of wri\x00ng, the UK has the third highest recorded deathThis sudden and drama\x00c change has also oered an opportunity for toll worldwide. Global lockdown has slowed economies, leadingcontempla\x00on, to pause and reect on the way we have been living: to to recession, with wider social impacts such as disrup\x00on toques\x00on consump\x00ve lifestyles, reassess worklife balance and refocus educa\x00on,lossofemploymentandrisingdebtforindividualsandon well-being. There has been a visible increase in community spirit with businesses. Social isola\x00on and lack of face-to-face personal interac\x00onlocal networks suppor\x00ng vulnerable people and NHS volunteers and has exacerbated mental health issues. Exis\x00ng inequali\x00es have beenexpressing gra\x00tude for key workers. Businesses and individuals, who exposedandaccentuated.Ethnicminoritycommuni\x00eshavebeenwere able to, rapidly adapted to homeworking. Daily walks and bike rides dispropor\x00onatelyimpactedbythecoronavirus.Governmentshavehave encouraged us to no\x00ce and appreciate local nature. We have intervened in economies in unprecedented ways and the lines betweenenjoyed cleaner air from reduced emissions. business and state have blurred. Public trust in poli\x00cians has been adversely aected when the response to the pandemic has been slow. 6 7'