b'ForewordWe dont want to see a return to business as usual. We want to see a fairer and more sustainable new normal as we emerge from the corona crisis.Lord Deben Phil Barton Tim ORiordanChair Chair Emeritus Professor of Commi\x00ee on Climate Change Sustainability First Environmental Sciences, UEAThe coronavirus has made us think about ourAs a lifelong advocate of sustainability and aIcongratulateSustainabilityFirstontheir lives, how we were living and what we mightprac\x00cing ar\x00st, I understand the importanceimagina\x00on and ini\x00a\x00ve by invi\x00ng ar\x00sts do dierently. While in a pandemic it seemsof bringing in new crea\x00ve perspec\x00ves toand young people to share their visions and the world is changing totally, in many instancesinformtheworkofpolicymakersandexpecta\x00ons for their sustainable futures. The changes have been accentuated or speededbusinesses.Throughthesecompe\x00\x00ons,star\x00ng point is the emergence of society from up. We were already using video conferencingSustainabilityFirsthasac\x00velysoughttocoronavirus and its deadly grip on the human and working from home, but now will do sounderstand from young and crea\x00ve peoplerace. In the split second of one month, the moreo\x00en.Thepandemichasgivenushow the coronavirus has impacted our society,health of eec\x00vely everyone alive was at risk, permission to try new things.economy and environment. We want to learnthoughtowildlyvaryingdegrees. It has also helped us to see the impact ourfrom their experience and ideas as we seek toNevertheless, in that nanosecond of the \x00me ac\x00onscanhaveonglobalissuessuchasaddressotherglobalchallengesincludingperiodofhumanity,whichitselfisa climatechangeandpollu\x00on.Weneedtoclimatechange,pollu\x00on,biodiversitylossnanosecond of the expanse of life on Earth, seizetheopportunitytomakelifecleaner,and social inequality. We dont want to see awhat we took for granted is no more.greener and fairer, with a just transi\x00on to areturn to business as usual. We want to see aThe excitement of these wonderful essays and carbon-free economy. fairer and more sustainable new normal asartworksliesinthecourageousand Policymakers need to set parameters so itswe emerge from the corona crisis. phenomenal hope expressed. We are entering easierforbusinesses,ins\x00tu\x00onsandThismeansredesigningandrethinkingthea period of new possibili\x00es. Arguably, the individuals to act sustainably. Regulators needway we run our economies and socie\x00es somostenduringofthesefuturesliesin to make it harder to behave unsustainably,thatwevalueindividuals,communi\x00es,sustainability. This is the dynamic of providing while incen\x00vising good behaviour. Economiceduca\x00on, crea\x00vity and natureand not justeveryone with the knowledge, the skills, the s\x00mulus should support carbon-free projects,economic growth. We need to value far moredrive, and the capability to help shape this with costs shared fairly. Businesses must focusthehealthofenvironmentsandpeople;magnicent planet. on people and the planet, as well as prot. Theshi\x00ingawayfromafocussolelyongrossOf course, given the inequali\x00es and injus\x00ces nancial system is key here and investors aredomes\x00c product (GDP) to wider indicators ofof the pre-virus age, and the manner in which increasinglyawarethatperformanceonsustainabilityincluding life sa\x00sfac\x00on andthevirushasmagniedthese,itwillbea Environmental,SocialandGovernancewell-being. staggeringchallengetoachieveglobal factors is central to future protability. Ithasbeenaprivilegeasajudgeofbothsustainability. The essayists and ar\x00sts think Civic groups can also support wider societalcompe\x00\x00ons to learn so much and be inspireddierently.Theyexpressthemselveswith change.ThePopehasspokenofthebysomanyoftheexcellentcompe\x00\x00onop\x00mismandpassion,inwaysthatare coronavirus and climate change as symptomsentries. A big thank you to all the entrants oncompelling and credible. Above all, under the of the damage we are doing to the world,behalf of Sustainability First. guidanceofSustainabilityFirst,theyreveal urginggreatercare.Wemustequipyoungthat sustainability is indeed the only way out of people with resources to address these globalthepandemicthatcanensureahabitable challengesso they not only understand theplanet and an equitable humanity.issues,butalsohowtomakechanges. Refocusingtheeduca\x00onsystemon sustainability is vital. Ive been impressed by the enthusiasm, radical ideasandvarietyofresponsestothe SustainabilityFirstArtandEssayPrizes.The essayists and ar\x00sts think dierently.Rangingfromprac\x00calexperience-basedAbove all, under the guidance of Sustainability First, recommenda\x00ons, to sensi\x00ve reec\x00ons on the nature of humanity and how we relatethey reveal that sustainability is indeed the only with each other. I hope this work will inspire policymakers,regulators,businessesandway out of the pandemic.individuals to consider how we can all build fromthecoronacrisistowardamore sustainable future.2 3'