b'Sustainability FirstConclusions and Recommenda\x00ons on Business Leadership, Governance and Prac\x00ceFinancial systems and structures, investors and businesses all need to play a key role in delivering a resilient recovery through: Mainstreaming impact inves\x00nginvestors need to fundamentally re-evaluate the core business models in which they invest and ac\x00vely consider the environmental, social and governance impacts of their investments. By engaging with businesses, regulators and policymakers, investors can use their money to help drive benecial outcomes for customers, employees, the communi\x00es in which they invest and the natural environment.A step change in the focus on corporate purpose and sustainability metricsthe pandemic shows that we need to up the level of ambi\x00on and ac\x00vity in this area. When companies are a key part of the fabric of society and use private capital to deliver public value (such as u\x00li\x00es and other essen\x00al services), it is vital that they develop their corporate purpose with their stakeholders. For these businesses, an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders is essen\x00al to understand changing needs and expecta\x00ons, how to fairly share risk and reward and, where appropriate, to develop innova\x00ve partnerships that can deliver co-benets. The diversity of leadership teams is vital here (in terms of dierent characteris\x00cs, professional backgrounds and ways of thinking). Diverse boards can help build trust, avoid groupthink and increase resilience; ensuring companies are prepared for the next shock to the system.Innova\x00onis key to a sustainable future. Innova\x00ons around homeworking in the pandemic have brought many benets, including to the environment. Business now needs to work with na\x00onal and regional government to understand fully what the impacts of this may be (including in terms of equality) so that they can truly facilitate more sustainable ways of opera\x00ng. But we also need to see innova\x00ons in business models, ins\x00tu\x00ons and governance frameworksthat recognise businesses are a key part of society and have an ongoing role to play in delivering social and environmental outcomes. There have been some great examples in the pandemic. This type of crea\x00vity must con\x00nue if we are going to tackle problems like climate change.Sam Schmi\x00 May you live in interes\x00ng \x00mes, 10 x 13 cm, oil on panel, 2020Looking out the window on a snowy day, its easy to miss the apartment upstairs is burning. Sam seeks to draw a\x00en\x00on to the things we do not no\x00ce. The overwhelming events of this year are a cascade of interconnected crises. We need to see the apartment upstairs, the eect the familys condi\x00on has on our seemingly separate way of life. Developing a climate movement that is more intersec\x00onalwith understanding of how social and poli\x00cal iden\x00\x00es might combine to create unique modes of discrimina\x00on and injus\x00ce. 38 39'