b'Sustainability Firsts Recommendations for Building from the Corona Crisis Toward a Sustainable FutureT hrough the Sustainability First Art and Essay Prizes and our survey on this topic, entrants have shared a vast range of perspec\x00ves on the challenges and opportuni\x00es for the UK and worldwide as we emerge from the corona crisis, with proposals for how to build a more sustainable future. Sustainability First sets out below some recommenda\x00ons developed as a result of this process, highligh\x00ng the issues that came out most strongly across both the art and essay compe\x00\x00ons. Our proposals address the need for a balanced response to the crisis, which delivers economic, social and environmental well-being, in the short term and into the future.Liz Elton (Second Prize)Hill, 500 x 350 cm, compostable cornstarch, vegetable dyes from food waste, food colouring, food supplements, water miscible oil, silk and seeds from na\x00ve medicinal plants, 2019Liz considers the poten\x00al embedded in waste. Her pain\x00ngs are made on compostable food recycling bag material, which is fragile and ethereal and oats like parachute silk with the movement of the air around it. She uses vegetable dyes from food waste and food colouring, sewing the pieces together with silk. The experience of viewing the work may be medita\x00ve, oering a sense of \x00me suspended. The domes\x00c se\x00ng in a garden, a reminder of the connes of lockdown, and a sense of hope that can be created 8 from everyday materials.9'