b'Georgia Tucker Conniveo, Virtual Reality EnvironmentUnreal Engine, 2020Georgia uses virtual reality to tackle environmental issues and create specula\x00ve futures. She seeks to highlight the unhealthy rela\x00onship between natural environments and manmade materials. Conniveo focuses on marine pollu\x00on: par\x00cularly plas\x00c pollu\x00on, oil pollu\x00on and dead zones. She feels that lockdown has made people more aware of their consumerism and personal impact on the Earth. Sectoral Insights: WaterMaddy Pearson writes movingly about water eciency and public health, referring to the need to look beyond the hydrologic-cycle to the hydro-social cycle. Flagging the parallels between Covid-19 and the resilience of resources like water, her essay emphasises the importance of helping people to see that . while water gushes from their taps, it is the illusion of abundance that ows forth, not its reality. The reality of an abundant water future is one of knowledge, sharing, crea\x00vity and conserva\x00on.18 19'