b"Preface About Sustainability First S ustainability First is a think tank and charity that promotes prac\x00cal, sustainable solu\x00ons to improve environmental, economic and social well-being. We are a trusted convenor on public u\x00lity issues and have a strong track record of bringing stakeholders together in mul\x00party projects in the public interest.At the beginning of the pandemic, Sustainability First launched a Corona Build Back Be\x00er Work Programme to understand the implica\x00ons of Covid-19 for sustainability and to help ensure a smart, fair and green recovery. The Sustainability First Art and Essay Prizes are a key part of this ac\x00vity. The 'Next steps' sec\x00on at the end of this book outlines our future plans in this area and explains how this ts into our wider work. Sustainability First Authors AcknowledgementsThis virtual book provides a contribu\x00on to the emerging debate about theWe would like to warmly thank the over 1,200 entrants who submi\x00ed steps needed to deliver a sustainable future, a\x00er Covid-19. It has beentheirfantas\x00cworksofartandessaystothecompe\x00\x00ons,our wri\x00enbyClareDudeney,AmyMalle\x00andSharonDarcyusingthedis\x00nguished judging panels and the academics, sector leaders and compe\x00\x00onentriesasafounda\x00onfordiscussion,supportedbytheothers who have shared their ideas and helped us in this workand our personal perspec\x00ves and insights of industry experts, our judging panel,fellow Associates for all their support. A full list of acknowledgements is and wider literature.at Annex D.Clare Dudeney Amy Malle\x00 Sharon DarcyProject Lead and Associate Research AssistantDirector Sustainability First Sustainability FirstSustainability FirstThe views in this virtual book do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainability First, or its Associates.This virtual book begins with Sustainability Firsts recommenda\x00ons of how we can build from the corona crisis towards a more sustainable future. These proposals draw heavily on both the EssayandArtPrizesentries,responsestooursurveyandourwiderdiscussionswith academics, decision-makers in government and business and civil society leaders. The next sec\x00on summarises the themes emerging in the Art Prize entries. The book then Contact Us analyses the key themes emerging in the Essay Prize entries. These are split into three groups: cultural, behavioural and societal change; government policy, regulatory and ins\x00tu\x00onal We would welcome feedback. If you havewww Visit us Write to us change; and business leadership, governance and prac\x00ce. The book ends by outlining any comments or would like to discusssustainabilityrst.org.uk C/o IEEP, 3rd Floor,Sustainability Firsts proposed next steps in this area.Sustainability Firsts Corona Build Back11 Belgrave Road,Annex A contains a brief descrip\x00on of the prize-winning and shortlisted art compe\x00\x00on Be\x00er Work Programme and how you canEmail us London, SW1V 1RB entries. The prize-winning and shortlisted artworks and images are interspersed throughout support and get involved with this goinginfo@sustainabilityrst.org.uk the book. Annex B summarises the prize-winning and shortlisted essay compe\x00\x00on entries forwardplease contact SustainabilityYouTube:with hyperlinks to these entries. The Annex notes that the works of many other highly scoring Firsts Director, Sharon Darcy at:Follow us www.youtube.com/channel/UCav entrants are featured and credited throughout and summarises our survey. sharon.darcy@sustainabilityrst.org.uk@SustainFirst -zSvntQznFlJj5pJ-cig Annex C sets out the procedure that we followed in running the compe\x00\x00on. Annex D notes our many acknowledgements, including to all of the fantas\x00c entrants and our dis\x00nguished Registered Charity Number: 1078994 judging panels, without whom this book would not have been possible.4 5"