b'Tere ChadThe ReEnlightenment, 120 x 160cm, Cob, recycled bo\x00les, stones, wood log and bees wax, 2018Carbon neutral construc\x00on made though collabora\x00on that reects on if the ra\x00onal ideas of the Enlightenment brought us the wealth we wanted. Brings the news light enhancing the sun and wind through recycled bo\x00les. Speaks about the urge of not forge\x00ng our ability of sensing the world through our hands, and not forge\x00ng that our planet is alive. It has the shape of a shell bio-mimicking the hermit crabs recyclable houses. Hermit crabs use shells as houses and as they grow, they change to a bigger shell and leave their previous house for a younger hermit crab.24 25'